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Ken's Service - 1965

Eggleston Oil Company

Mobil Station-1970's

Eggleston Oil Company

Mobil Station-1970's

Ken, Sandy, Brett, Dan & Beulah

New Bulk Truck-1991

The business, originally called Ken's Service, was opened by Kenneth & Beulah Eggleston in February of 1965.  Kenneth & Beulah purcahsed the business with a loan of $5,500 from Harold "MIck" Wilcox.  At the time they rented an old stucco gas staion building owned by Bill Miller.  Once Kenneth got the place cleaned up many of his customers were suprised to learn that the building acutally had a hoist in the service bay!

During the first several years of business Kenneth and Beulah's hard work, dertermination, and desire to serve their customers kept the buisness open.  In all reality the business should have failed.  In fact, a representative from the Mobil Corportaion told Kenneth & Beulah that the business would not last 6 months.  To keep the finances afloat Kenneth ran the county maintainer in the evenings.  Over 50 years later, it appears he was wrong!

The business has seen many changes over the years starting out as a MobilOil Station and then transferring to a Conoco distributorship when Mobil moved out of the area in the last 1970's.  Today, Eggleston Oil Company is an independet fuel/lubricant dealer representing many major brands.

After graduating in 1976 with a college degree in Chemistry and Mathematics, Kenneth & Beulah's son Dan returned to the business to help out his parents for a few months while he looked for full time employment.  Forty years later Dan is still employed at Eggleston Oil Company and now is President of the corporation.  Dan's wife Sandy is also active in the business. 

The third generation of Eggleston's now own shares in the business with Dan and Sandy's sons Jared and Brett both active in the business.  Kenneth and Beulah were both active in the business until passing away in 2007 and 2014.

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